C-Section Recovery
Designed specifically for you after your Caesarean to help heal emotionally, physically and mentally.
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What can I expect from this C-Section recovery program?

Your C-section recovery process is thoughtfully broken down into four recovery modules so that we can help you build a stronger foundation, one step at a time.
Nurturing practices like breathwork and meditation to calm your inflamed tissues and nervous system.
Gentle movement to reconnect to your pelvic floor coupled with hormone-balancing techniques
Stabilizing physical therapy to support stiff and restricted areas and core rehabilitation

Strength and resistance training for full body mobilization and muscle endurance
*Can begin as early as 24-hours postpartum

I’m nervous to do any physical activity. How will I know when I can begin exercises after  C-Section?

We get it! You just went through a MAJOR surgery to deliver your baby (and that makes you one tough mom in our eyes). While you can expect C-Section recovery exercises as a part of your rehabilitation, think of this as more than just a workout program.

You can begin the first module as early as 24-hours postpartum and expect to schedule your follow-up session within a week. With our anatomy and mental health-focused programming you’ll walk away with an empowering sense of self-awareness to support yourself in your motherhood journey.

Anything I should know about nerve regeneration after C-Section?

If you experience nerve changes as a result of the incision it can take 6 months or longer to begin to regain sensation. Our experts will work with you to identify what is (and isn’t) appropriate based on where you are at each and every moment of the session. Our primary focus is to ensure that you receive progressive, individualized care and a supportive, judgement-free relationship with your provider.

And as always, be sure you check in with your healthcare provider regarding any specific limitations.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Just book your appointment 1-3 days in advance and we’ll provide support on your schedule. It’s that easy! Get ready to meet the strongest, wisest version of yourself yet—supported by C-Section Recovery from Ruth Health.
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