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Can I start pelvic floor therapy when I’m pregnant?

Yes! Throughout pregnancy we see massive changes in the behaviors of muscles, ligaments and even joints and skeletal alignment. Supporting these changes is key to keeping your body healthy and happy.

An ideal treatment plan for the pelvic floor during pregnancy looks like a combination of preparation, maintenance and strength + release. We will start at the root, breaking down everything from how you breathe to how you get in and out of the car to how to properly support the weight and pressure of your growing baby.

The earlier we can plan for postpartum the better we can optimize the path to postpartum rebuilding.

How does the program change when I’m postpartum?

Your postpartum pelvic floor treatment plan occurs in stages. First, we’ll help you reconnect to your functional breath as your body renegotiates space and movement. You can also expect adrenal support for fatigue and body aches (this continues throughout your program). Then we’ll focus on spinal mobilization and freeing up space in the body previously restricted in pregnancy. Once we have increased ranges of motion and functionality of movement we will layer on strength training and adrenal support.

Most importantly, your treatment plan will take into consideration the individualized needs of your pelvic floor, such as pelvic floor prolapse, and core, including diastasis. Not only will we get you back on your feet but you’ll feel stronger with increased endurance and stamina.

Forget getting your old body back—you’re about to meet a more powerful body than you have ever known.

What can I expect from pelvic floor physical therapy at home?

You can expect a custom, personalized treatment plan based on your individual needs. Think of your at-home therapy as the best kind of personal training sessions. We will start by increasing awareness and functionality, and then develop a strategy to build strength safely and effectively to increase pelvic floor and spinal support in order to better assist you through daily life.

Whether you’re experiencing uterine prolapse stages, constipation, incontinence, painful sex or just want to move, breathe and feel better you’re in the right place!

How often should I do my sessions?

We recommend focusing on your training and recovery 1-2 times a week. If during the course of our time together you need to adjust we’re happy to accommodate your schedule.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Just book your appointment 1-3 days in advance and we’ll provide support on your schedule. It’s that easy!
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