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Nearly 24/7 virtual lactation support from Certified Lactation Counselors (CLCs)—pops onto your calendar and into your home for any breastfeeding needs.
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I’m still pregnant. Why should I consider meeting with a lactation consultant?

So your baby is still in your uterus. That’s ok! In fact, meeting one-on-one with a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) before giving birth can help you feel more confident and prepared for breastfeeding.

Our 30-minute virtual lactation sessions allow pregnant folks to learn the ropes, ask questions about inducing lactation, and receive individual care on their schedule. With even 1-2 lactation support sessions before your birth, you’ll gain invaluable tips to help you and your baby begin a successful breastfeeding journey.

I heard breastfeeding comes naturally to me and my baby. When would I need lactation support?

We “hear” a lot of advice as mothers but knowing which sources to trust — and when to ask for support — is key. You just made it through the enormous medical event of giving birth! Try as you might to prepare, the support of a virtual lactation consultant will be pivotal if challenges with your milk supply or baby’s latch arise.

Lactation issues can be pressing and sudden when they arise so knowing who to reach out to can help ease the stress of searching for a provider at the last minute. And in case of an emergency or infection, we’ll refer you to your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or OBGYN for next steps and/or prescriptions.

We also support decision-making on when to potentially introduce baby formula, should you want to learn more.

Can a virtual lactation consultant really help me if they can’t be physically present?

Yes! Our expert team is able to review and treat conditions ranging from mastitis to inverted nipples to engorged breasts all from the comfort of your home. With their years of experience delivering care online you won’t even notice a difference.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Just book your appointment 1-3 days in advance and we’ll provide support on your schedule. It’s that easy! We can’t wait to meet you and empower your breastfeeding journey.
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